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How to change Artwork in Ubuntu?

taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ sudo update-alternatives –config usplash-artwork.so

There are 3 alternatives which provide `usplash-artwork.so’.

Selection Alternative
* 1 /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-ubuntu.so
+ 2 /usr/lib/usplash/edubuntu-splash.so
3 /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-xubuntu.so

Press enter to keep the default[*], or type selection number: 3
Using `/usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-xubuntu.so’ to provide `usplash-artwork.so’.

taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure usplash
update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.20-16-generic

Then, reboot the system.
taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ reboot

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Forget about typing firewall commands in linux bash.
Firestarter is a modern linux firewall. You can have a firewall and running it in minutes.

A firestarter 1.0 package is now available for Debian mean you can download it for Ubuntu.

Before you start to install it, make sure to enable the ‘universe’ respository in the /etc/apt/sources.list file or in synaptic under Setting>Repositories.

Then type: sudo apt-get install firestarter in your console.


Key Features

  • Open Source software, available free of charge

  • Easy to use graphical interface

  • Suitable for use on desktops, servers and gateways

  • Enables Internet connection sharing

  • Allows you to define both inbound and outbound access policy

  • Option to whitelist or blacklist traffic

  • Sets up DHCP for a local network

  • Real time firewall events view

  • View active network connections, including any traffic routed through the firewall

  • Advanced Linux kernel tuning features

source: http://www.fs-security.com/


Internet connection sharing setup

Internet connection sharing allows several machines to access the Internet through a single network connection. This method called NAT (Network Address Translation).

If you want to use NAT, you need at least two or more network devices in your machine. If you only have one device you can’t enable the internet connection sharing from Firewall > Run Wizard.

You can enable both the NAT and DHCP via Run Wizard without configure anything.

For outsider, they will see your PCs as a single machine with a single IP address.


Firestarter Policy

Inbound traffic Policy -> control incoming traffic from the internet and LAN to the firewall.

Outbound traffic Policy -> control outgoing traffic to the internet from the firewall and any LAN clients.


Enabling the DHCP Service

Firestarter does not itself include a DHCP server, it depends on the underlying system to provide this feature. If a DHCP binary is not detected on the system, the DHCP controls will remain inactive. You can install using command: taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ sudo apt-get install dhcp


Launching Firestarter minimized to the tray on login

Open session screen:

System > Preferences > Sessions

click Startup Program tab

click New button.

Type in Name textbox firestarter and at command type sudo firestarter –start-hidden, then press Enter.


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