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Pidgin (Gaim) is instant messaging client for Linux. It’s a multi protocol. You can use one program for

10 different messengers.

These are:

  • AIM

  • Gadu Gadu

  • GroupWise

  • ICQ

  • IRC

  • Jabber

  • MSN

  • QQ

  • Simple

  • Yahoo


First, you have to download the program if you don’t have it in your system.

To install it in terminal, use:

taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ sudo apt-get install gaim


Second, setting up the program

To start, click: Application > Internet > Gaim Internet Messenger

To use it, you must have an account. If you don’t have it then you have to create it first. For example, if you want to use Yahoo, then go to www.yahoo.com to register


Third, if you have an account already then do right-click on Gaim icon (on top Ubuntu Panel): Account, Add, choose your protocol (Screen name/ Password/ Local alias) then click save.


Fourth, display buddy list. Choose who is online and you are ready to chat.


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For example, you have 3 directories in your disk and 2 of it are separated with a space.

taufanlubis@zyrex:/media/hda5$ ls -l

drwxrwx— 2 root plugdev 8192 2007-08-12 07:33 Linux

drwxrwx— 10 root plugdev 8192 2007-08-30 04:16 Linux Download

drwxrwx— 18 root plugdev 8192 2007-08-28 08:24 linux website


You can’t go inside your directory with a command below.

taufanlubis@zyrex:/media/hda5$ cd Linux Download

taufanlubis@zyrex:/media/hda5/Linux$ (the result)


Now, go back 1 level up.

taufanlubis@zyrex:/media/hda5/Linux$ cd ..

Then use ‘\’ after the ‘directory name’ and before the ‘space’.

taufanlubis@zyrex:/media/hda5$ cd Linux\ Download/ (type ‘cd Linux\ D‘ then press TAB key)


You can do another way.

Let’s go back 1 level up.

taufanlubis@zyrex:/media/hda5/Linux$ cd ..

taufanlubis@zyrex:/media/hda5$ cd Linux*Download (use ‘*’ (asterisk or star))

taufanlubis@zyrex:/media/hda5/Linux Download$

But, with the second method, you can’t use TAB key to get the full file name automatically.

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