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Each manual page has a short description available within it. ‘whatis’

searches the manual page names and displays the manual page descriptions of any name matched.


taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ whatis ls

ls (1) – list directory contents

taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ whatis man

man (1) – an interface to the on-line reference manuals

man (7) – macros to format man pages

taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ whatis whatis

whatis (1) – display manual page descriptions


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Batery of my laptop is getting bad. It can save 5% only. The problem is, message says: “Your battery is now fully charged” always displayed. You can not disable it from System > Preferences > Power Management.

You have to do it through “Configuration Editor”.

There are 5 notifications:

AC Adapter Unplugged -> /apps/gnome-power-manager/notify_ac_adapter

Fully Charged -> /apps/gnome-power-manager/notify_fully_charged

Power Low

Power Critical

Suspend Failure


To activate it, just type,

taufanlubis@zyrex:~$ sudo gconf-editor

Then you will get a ‘configuration editor screen’.

  • On the left ‘list box’, choose ‘gnome-power-manager‘.

  • On the right ‘list box’, choose ‘notify_fully_charged‘ then remove the mark on the value.








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