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Step 1. Download the Real Player

Download link: https://player.helixcommunity.org/2005/downloads/

I suggest to download the ‘Installer’ program. It’s much easier.

Step 2. Change access permission

taufanlubis@toshiba:~$ ls -l realplay-

-rw-r–r– 1 taufanlubis taufanlubis 5790356 2008-02-12 08:20 realplay-

taufanlubis@toshiba:~$ sudo chmod a+x realplay-

taufanlubis@toshiba:~$ ls -l realplay-

-rwxr-xr-x 1 taufanlubis taufanlubis 5790356 2008-02-14 07:55 realplay-


When you install the realplay, make sure that your directory name has no space, otherwise it will create an error. For example:

taufanlubis@toshiba:~/mydata/My Ubuntu Collections/packages$ sudo ./realplay-

Extracting files for RealPlayer installation…sh: /home/taufanlubis/mydata/My: not found

Step 3. Installation

taufanlubis@toshiba:~$ sudo ./realplay-

Extracting files for RealPlayer installation……………………

Welcome to the RealPlayer ( Setup for UNIX

Setup will help you get RealPlayer running on your computer.

Press [Enter] to continue…

Enter the complete path to the directory where you want

RealPlayer to be installed. You must specify the full

pathname of the directory and have write privileges to

the chosen directory.

Directory: [/home/taufanlubis/RealPlayer]: (just press enter)

You have selected the following RealPlayer configuration:

Destination: /home/taufanlubis/RealPlayer

Enter [F]inish to begin copying files, or [P]revious to go

back to the previous prompts: [F]: f (just press enter)

Copying RealPlayer files…configure system-wide symbolic links? [Y/n]: .y (just press enter)

enter the prefix for symbolic links [/usr]: .. (just press enter)

Setting up realplay symlinks in /usr…

configuring icons…

configuring document icons…

configuring pixmaps…

configuring locale…

.configuring desktop…

configuring applications…

configuring GNOME mime types…

Configuring realplay script…

RealPlayer installation is complete.

Cleaning up installation files…



Running the program

Click Applications > Sound & Video > Real Player 10


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