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In WordPress you can not modify your HTML code unless you are registered as paid member. So, if you want to put and additional link with a picture on it, it will be difficult.

But with a bit trick, you can do that.

For example, I want to put cluster map visitor in my WordPress. To do that, basically you need 2 address.

  • Your link address

  • Your image address


  • I Assume that you are familiar with basic WordPress menu

  • Familiar with HTML code

Step 1. Copy your Cluster map Link.

<a href=”http://www3.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?url=http:/taufanlubis.wordpress.com&#8221; id=”clustrMapsLink”><img src=”http://www3.clustrmaps.com/counter/index2.php?url=http:/taufanlubis.wordpress.com&#8221; style=”border: 0pt none ” alt=”Locations of visitors to this page” /></a>

I took this link from Cluster map website.

As you can see,

Step 2. Create a new Blog roll category in your WordPress

If you want to put your link in a different blog roll, you have to create a new category.

Step 3. Create a new Blog roll

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