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I don’t know why the game title has ‘cube’ name meanwhile it’s group of fields. Perhaps because the dots form like a ‘Gambling Cube Dice’? I don’t know also because the biggest number is 5 not 6.

But who cares about name.

Just play it.

Rules of the game.

  • You are Red and your opponent is Blue.

  • The white field with one dot is the empty area.

  • Click a field to own the field. When you click a field, it will automatically change to Red.

  • You can click on the same field to increase the number (dots) inside the fields.

  • You only can click the fields that belong to you (Red fields) or the white one.

  • If a square has more dots than it has neighbors, the points jump to its neighbors and take them over.

  • Neighbor-Fields are only direct neighbors, not the diagonal neighbors.

  • The winner is the one who owns all squares.


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