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Childsplay is a memory game program. If you want to sharp your memory, I think it’s a good game although it’s designed for kids. The game is very simple. There are few pictures hided behind the frames. Just click any frame then you will see a picture. You have to remember this picture.

Click another picture. If the second picture that you opened is the same with the previous one, then these 2 pictures will be taken out. So, you only have less pictures to open.

If the second picture that you’ve opened is different, you have to open another picture but you have to remember this one also.

Continue the step until you find the same picture.

The idea of this game is how to open the same picture together. For example, if you are now opening a ‘Car’ picture then the next picture must be a ‘Car’ also. If it’s correct, the 2 displayed pictures will be taken out otherwise you have to click the other frames until you find the ‘Car’. Then click back at the frame that which has a ‘Car’ picture before.


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