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The basic security setting for xampp is not secured with password. You have to change the setting if you want to increase your xampp security access.

To check your security setting, from XAMPP main screen, click ‘Security’. Below is the default for first installation security setting.

To change to security setting, you have to do it through Linux command line. Open your Linux Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal).

Goto to ‘/opt/lampp‘ directory.


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If you are looking for Web Server or FTP server and you don’t to have a complicated process, xampp can be considered as your choice.

The most thing I like from XAMPP is separate setup with the Linux system and it’s easy to use. So, next time I don’t need it, I just remove its directory, and that’s it. I don’t need to do uninstall process.

XAMPP has been tested to work on SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake and Debian, mean it works with Ubuntu.

There are 4 steps to do before you can run XAMPP on Linux.

Step 1. Downloading

First, you have to download the program from http://apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html.


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There is a lots of free online banwidth speed checking on the internet. I found a good one. The design is very attractive and user friendly. Just click the link and start the process, you will get the result in seconds.

Step 1. Open http://www.bandwidth.com/.
Then on the web site, click ‘bandiwidth speed test‘ link (on the top right)


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You can change the Cairo-dock configuration to match your need. I like the default display but may be you don’t. Configuration menu can be accessed by doing right click on the Cairo dock then select ‘Configure’ menu.


Configuration 1: Position on Screen
The default is bottom. You may change to Right, Left or Top. I’ve tried to change it to right, but it’s didn’t work. It moved to right but I can’t access it. May be, it’s be caused my screen resolution.

Configuration 2: Auto Hide
I suggest to activate the auto hide function. Otherwise when you open an application, Cairo dock will stay on the top. You can see the sample below.


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Unfortunately, there is no Kiba Dock repository available for Gutsy. Kiba Dock repository is only for Feisty.

If you want to use the same application launcher dock, you can try Cairo Dock.

The installation in Ubuntu is not difficult. You only need to download Key Authentication Package, set the Cairo repository and install it using APT command.


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The problem when we use an email address from a local provider is we can not download our emails when we go for traveling. Almost no providers allow their SMTP server to be accessed unless you are connected with their network (It can be through Dial Up, Hot spot or Broadband connection).

The only thing that we can do is by using free web based email account that available on the internet, for example Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. But the problem is not all of these providers give free access for their SMTP server also, except Gmail.

Gmail with free 1 GB space storage allow you to access their SMTP server for sending emails and POP server for receiving emails.

Why do we need free SMTP and POP server meanwhile we still can send and receive emails via web based interface?

The problem is you to stay connected all the time to the internet just to download and send emails. And it will be a waste of money if you use Time Based internet access connection.

There are a lots of email client available on the internet for Linux. My favorite is Evolution, it has a complete features and easy to use. Before we start, I assume that you have an email account at Gmail and installed Evolution at your Linux Ubuntu.

Setup SMTP and POP server

Open Edit > Preferences menu


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Is it illegal to download MP3 music from the internet?

It depends on what kind of MP3 files that you download. If the mp3 files provided for free by the owners then it’s free. If it’s not and someone upload it on the internet then it’s illegal MP3 files.

Well, it’s up to you.

I’ve posted basic syntax for Google search. Before we start, I assume that you have installed a download manager program in your computer. If not, you can try a download manager below:

Gwget – Gnome download manager

Now, let’s try a trick.

Syntax: ?….? (find directories).

Usually, mp3 files are uploaded into “Index Of” directory.

Now, open your web browser and type www.google.com

Type “?index of? mp3” in URL box and press Enter.

It mean “find directories that contain mp3 files.

You will find a lots of link. You have to try one by one until you find free or illegal mp3 files that can be downloaded.


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Why do we need a download manager program if we can download directly from our Web Browser?

If you only download some small or medium files size into the same directory then we don’t need it.

If you download big files size into the same directory or into some different directories and sometimes you have to stop in middle of the downloading process, then you have to use a Download Manager program.

When I browsed the internet I found a good program for Ubuntu. It’s Gwget Download Manager. It’s a download manager for Gnome. It’s very easy to install and to use.

Just paste a link of file that you want to download, set the download directory and start to download.


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