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Is it illegal to download MP3 music from the internet?

It depends on what kind of MP3 files that you download. If the mp3 files provided for free by the owners then it’s free. If it’s not and someone upload it on the internet then it’s illegal MP3 files.

Well, it’s up to you.

I’ve posted basic syntax for Google search. Before we start, I assume that you have installed a download manager program in your computer. If not, you can try a download manager below:

Gwget – Gnome download manager

Now, let’s try a trick.

Syntax: ?….? (find directories).

Usually, mp3 files are uploaded into “Index Of” directory.

Now, open your web browser and type www.google.com

Type “?index of? mp3” in URL box and press Enter.

It mean “find directories that contain mp3 files.

You will find a lots of link. You have to try one by one until you find free or illegal mp3 files that can be downloaded.


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