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What is Redtube? RedTube is the same like YouTube if you are familiar with it. The different is the content. The only videos that available in RedTube are for adult consumption.

In a computer world, I prefer the question ‘How?’ not ‘Why?’.

So, the question to me is “How I can do it?” not “Why I have to do this?”. That’s why there are so many solutions in the underground world.

The method to download RedTube movies is very simple. First, you have to find out the location of the FLV (Flash Video) files from RedTube then download it using your Download Manager. To find the FLV files, you need a tool. And as far as I know there is no special tools designed to download RedTube videos.

But, there is an online tool that you can use to find the FLV files from the RedTube. It’s ‘Download Red Tube Videos”. The web page address is www.downloadredtubevideos.com.

For Download Manager, I use “Gwget Download Manager”.

Step 1. Open www.downloadredtubevideos.com web site.

Step 2. Find RedTube FLV link.

Open www.redtube.com web site and choose any video that you want to download.

Sorry, I can’t post the page here. Then copy the video link, paste it in the Text Box (see sample below) then click ‘Get Video’ button.

Step 3. Copy the FLV video link.

After few seconds, you will see a new link ‘Click Here to download Videos!‘.

Copy the link.

Step 4. Download the FLV videos.

Open your Download Manager. If you use Gwget Download Manager, click ‘New’ button’. The link will be automatically copied to Gwget. Then click ‘OK’ button to proceed the process. You can repeat the steps to download the other FLV files.

Happy trying.

If you want to download the other porn websites, below are the links.

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