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Before I start, I assume that you have installed K3b in your system and it recognizes your DVD writer. And if you don’t, you can read my articles about how to install the K3b in here.

Step 1. Click New Project

Writing Data to a DVD (DVD burning) is not difficult with K3b. Enter your empty write-able DVD disc into your DVD Writer. From the K3b main menu, just click ‘New Data DVD Project‘.


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If you use K3b for the first time, you will get confuse this error. You think that you have put your write able DVD disc inside your DVD writer but why K3b still says that there is no disc inside.

This error occurs when you try to burn a DVD with more data that it can hold. For example, if you see on the screen below, I try to burn 7.3 GB in a standard write-able DVD disc with at 4.7 GB capacity. It mentioned that I still have 630.8 MB free space. The color bar is still green.

Seem that everything is alright, but it is not. K3b doesn’t recognize your DVD capacity. If you use a standard DVD writer then it will be no problem because the default size is 4.7 GB.

But, if you use a Double Layer DVD writer then it will be a problem because the default capacity is 8 GB. So, whether you put a standard DVD disc or a Double Layer DVD disc, K3b will always recognize as 8 GB capacity. As long as you know your DVD disc capacity then it will be no problem.

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