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RAR (Roshal Archive) is one of well known archive file format available in compress technology. It’s developed by Eugene Roshal (Russian Software Engineer). Free version which only can read (extract) in Linux are PeaZip and unrar. The shareware version also available in Linux.

Although RARLAB distribute the source code and binaries (not under free software license), it’s only can extract not create the RAR archive. I think that’s the reason why ‘rar’ is not popular in Linux community.

To extract ‘rar’ file in Linux Ubuntu you need additional program.
Before you follow the instruction below, make sure you are connected to the internet.

First, open Linux Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and type $sudo apt-get install unrar.


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DNS (Domain Name Service) server is a server that translate an IP address into a name that will be easy to remember or do the opposite way.

The administrative job is done in Server side. For client side just set the machine to connect the DNS server.

Before we start, I assume that you are connected to Internet already. For, text editor, you can use any program that you are familiar with. In this sample, I use vim.

The installation is as easy as below:

Step 1. Install the bind9

Open Linux Terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal), type: sudo apt-get install bind9

Installation finished.


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