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Input is the entering data into the program and variable is temporary place for storing the data. There are 2 data that you can enter, string and number.

See the sample variables below:


b=”I’m python

a is number and b is string.


See the sample input below:

my_string=raw_input(“What is your name?”)

my_number=input(“Enter your number?”)

raw_input() function will give a string and input() function will give a number.


Now, let’s try directly in the idle.

Open Idle editor.

Select File > New Window.


In the new window, type the codes below:

print “Welcome to Python”

print “—————–“

print “”

s=raw_input(“Please, enter your name? “)

print “Hi..”,s,” Nice to meet you”

n=input(“Please, enter your favorite number? “)

print “Your favorite number + 3 =”,n+3

In the ‘New window’, select ‘Run > Run Module‘.

If there is no error, you will see the result in the Idle main screen.


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