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Function is a built-in program that available in Python that we can use to simplify our programming code. Mostly every programming language provide their built-in function according to purpose why it’s created. Functions in C, python, pearl, vb, assembly will be different.

To use function in python, you have to write the function name then followed by the parameters that the function need. Parameter is the information that will be used by function to solve the problem.

Built-in Functions:
abs(), divmod(), input(), open(), staticmethod(), all(), enumerate(), int(), ord(), str(), any(), eval() isinstance(), pow(), sum(), basestring(), execfile(), issubclass(), print(), super(), bin(), file(), iter(), property(), tuple(), bool(), filter()
,len(), range(), type(), bytearray(), float(), list(), raw_input(), unichr(), callable(), format(), locals(), reduce(), unicode(), chr(), frozenset(), long(), reload(), vars(), classmethod(), getattr(), map(), repr(), xrange(), cmp(), globals(), max(), reversed(), zip(), compile(), hasattr(), memoryview(), round(), __import__(), complex(), hash(), min(), set(), apply(), delattr(), help(), next(), setattr(), buffer(), dict(), hex(), object(), slice(), coerce(), dir(), id(), oct(), sorted(), intern()


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