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Assembly Language is the most difficult programming language to learn, to code and to maintain. It’s not portable because it depends on the type processors and operating system. Instruction code in Intel will be different with PowerPC, Motorola any other processors. Although AMD processor is Intel Compatible but not all codes in Intel can run on AMD.
Programming will take longer time because it will take more codes for just simple print ‘Hello word’. More codes mean more difficult to debug when there is a problem. I will show you later.

So, if it’s

-difficult to develop
-difficult to maintain
-not portable

Why do we still need programming in Assembly?

There are 2 main reasons:

-Assembly Language is Very efficient in term of space in Hard disk, space in Memory and Speed.
-Direct access to hardware

Assembly is very efficient in time consumption when related with speed. It take less memory space and hard disk space compare to other programs which is written in high level language that perform the same task.

Then people will say, now, hard disk and memory are getting cheaper, so space of hard disk and memory are not the issue. And compilers are getting “smarter”. It can generate codes that much more efficient in space and time efficiency.
So, why still assembly.

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