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Every hardware in your computer will use interrupts, Ioports and DMA (direct memory access) then lsdev collects of all these data to give you a quick overview of which hardware uses what I/O addresses and what IRQ and DMA channels.

lsdev takes the data from /proc directory. This program is only show the kernel’s idea of what hardware is present, not what actually physically available.

How to install?

Make sure that you are connected to the internet.

Open your Linux Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) then type: ‘sudo apt-get install procinfo‘.


How to use?
Open your Linux Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) then type ‘lsdev‘.



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Before I start, I assume that you have installed K3b in your system and it recognizes your CD/DVD writer. And if you don’t, you can read my articles about how to install K3b in here.

Step 1. Click New Project

Enter your empty write-able CD disc into your CD Writer or CD/DVD Writer. Writing Data to a CD (CD burning) is not difficult with K3b. From the main menu, just click ‘New Data CD Project‘.


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K3B is a burning tool designed for KDE but you still can run it on Gnome. The menu is simple even for a new user. You will know how to use it in a minute. There are so many things that you can do with K3b.

You can:

  • Copy CD or DVD.

  • Burn CD or DVD ISO image.

  • Rip audio CD

  • Rip Video DVD

  • Rip Video CD

  • Erase CD-RW

  • Format DVD RW

I think K3B is one of the best CD and DVD burning tools in Linux.



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You can change the Cairo-dock configuration to match your need. I like the default display but may be you don’t. Configuration menu can be accessed by doing right click on the Cairo dock then select ‘Configure’ menu.


Configuration 1: Position on Screen
The default is bottom. You may change to Right, Left or Top. I’ve tried to change it to right, but it’s didn’t work. It moved to right but I can’t access it. May be, it’s be caused my screen resolution.

Configuration 2: Auto Hide
I suggest to activate the auto hide function. Otherwise when you open an application, Cairo dock will stay on the top. You can see the sample below.


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Unfortunately, there is no Kiba Dock repository available for Gutsy. Kiba Dock repository is only for Feisty.

If you want to use the same application launcher dock, you can try Cairo Dock.

The installation in Ubuntu is not difficult. You only need to download Key Authentication Package, set the Cairo repository and install it using APT command.


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Why do we need a download manager program if we can download directly from our Web Browser?

If you only download some small or medium files size into the same directory then we don’t need it.

If you download big files size into the same directory or into some different directories and sometimes you have to stop in middle of the downloading process, then you have to use a Download Manager program.

When I browsed the internet I found a good program for Ubuntu. It’s Gwget Download Manager. It’s a download manager for Gnome. It’s very easy to install and to use.

Just paste a link of file that you want to download, set the download directory and start to download.


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Evolution is one most the complete features email client program that available in Linux. It has Contacts, Calendars, Memos and Tasks. You can storing, organizing and retrieving your personal data easily. I’ve used few email clients in Linux and Win*, and I think it’s one of the best.


If you work based on informations, back up data is the most important think that you have to do frequently. Evolution has a very simple steps to do it.

Step 1. Open File > Backup settings

If you’ve opened your Evolution already, go to ‘Open‘ menu and choose ‘Backup settings‘.


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