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Do you want to know how many visitors browse your blog in real time? I suggest you to use ‘Who’s.amung.us’. There few views that you can use. In this sample, I will show you one of it.

Step 1. Go to ‘http://whos.amung.us

If there are no any changes, you will see as the screen below. There is 3 lines code under ‘107’ picture. Copy all that codes.

Step 2. Open your WordPress blog and goto “Design-Widgets” section.

Step 3. Scroll down, find ‘Text’ widget and click ‘Add’ button.

One text widget will show up on the right side. Then click ‘Edit’ to fill the content.

Type ‘Who’s online’ for the title and paste the codes that you’ve copied into the second part (as per the screen below).

Finally, click ‘Save Changes’ button to save your work.

Now, you have a new Widget at lowest part of your Display Widgets.

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Globe tracker is web service tools which is designed to help bloggers and website owners track their visitors geographical location. I think it is a cool tool to know your visitors. Even you can have summary of your top visitors percentage by country.


  • I Assume that you are familiar with basic WordPress menu

  • Familiar with basic HTML code

Step1. Register your account at http://www.globetrackr.com/


Then login to globe track.

Goto to ‘setup web site details’.


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It’s only additional add-on for your blog. If you are interested to put it in your blog, you may follow the steps below:


  • I Assume that you are familiar with basic WordPress menu

  • Familiar with basic HTML code

Step 1. Copy the codes from http://www.ipligence.com/

Click ‘free IP search‘.

Goto to the bottom page. There are 2 choices of display that you can use. If you want to use like my one, you can choose infobox #2.

Step 2. Copy the link.

<a href=”http://www.ipligence.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://www.ipligence.com/freetools/iplocation/b2/&#8221; alt=”ip-location” border=”1″>


Then separate the code into:

Step 2. Copy your ipligence link into your WordPress.

Login to your wordpress and goto to your blogroll.

You can create a new category or just put into existing category.

Don’t forget to put ‘ipligence’ on ‘Name’, ipligence link address on ‘Address’ and ipligence image on ‘Image address’. Click ‘Save changes’ to save.



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In WordPress you can not modify your HTML code unless you are registered as paid member. So, if you want to put and additional link with a picture on it, it will be difficult.

But with a bit trick, you can do that.

For example, I want to put cluster map visitor in my WordPress. To do that, basically you need 2 address.

  • Your link address

  • Your image address


  • I Assume that you are familiar with basic WordPress menu

  • Familiar with HTML code

Step 1. Copy your Cluster map Link.

<a href=”http://www3.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?url=http:/taufanlubis.wordpress.com&#8221; id=”clustrMapsLink”><img src=”http://www3.clustrmaps.com/counter/index2.php?url=http:/taufanlubis.wordpress.com&#8221; style=”border: 0pt none ” alt=”Locations of visitors to this page” /></a>

I took this link from Cluster map website.

As you can see,

Step 2. Create a new Blog roll category in your WordPress

If you want to put your link in a different blog roll, you have to create a new category.

Step 3. Create a new Blog roll

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