What is method?
In programming language, method is something that you do to an object.

For example, the object is ‘door‘ and you want to apply an action ‘open‘.

In python you can write as: door.open().

door = object

open = method

( ) = argument

Argument is the place for parameters that you apply to the method.

For example, you want to open your door half only or full open then changing the color painting to blue or red.

The syntax will be:




In python, you can use built-in methods or create it manually.

Let me explain more details.
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If Statement is a conditional that python will check before taking a new action. If statement result is TRUE, python will process the command given otherwise it will ignore and execute the next step.

The syntax is:
if statement:

Let’s try.
>>> myprogramming_language=’python’
>>> if myprogramming_language==’python’:
print “Python is my programming language”

Python is my programming language

myprogramming_language=’python’ will tell python, please enter variable myprogramming_language with value python.

if myprogramming_language==’python’: will tell python, if myprogramming_language is equal with ‘python’ then execute the next line, otherwise just ignore and continue to the next step.

If it’s equal mean the condition is True.

If it’s not equal the condition is False.

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Strings is one or more combination of alphabet. Python will recognize double colon(“ ”) or single colon (‘ ‘) for string declaration.

For example, to declare ‘This is a string‘ as string, you can use double colon or single colon.

>>> “This is a string”
‘This is a string’
>>> ‘This is a string’
‘This is a string’

Very easy. How about to write Hii… I’m python. There is one single colon in the string.

You can’t write, ‘Hi.. I’m python’ because python will confuse to set the beginning and the end of the string because single colon in (I’m) will consider as end of string content.
>>> “I’m python”
“I’m python”
>>> ‘I’m python’
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

But, with “double colon is fine.

>>> “I’m python”
“I’m python”

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Function is a built-in program that available in Python that we can use to simplify our programming code. Mostly every programming language provide their built-in function according to purpose why it’s created. Functions in C, python, pearl, vb, assembly will be different.

To use function in python, you have to write the function name then followed by the parameters that the function need. Parameter is the information that will be used by function to solve the problem.

Built-in Functions:
abs(), divmod(), input(), open(), staticmethod(), all(), enumerate(), int(), ord(), str(), any(), eval() isinstance(), pow(), sum(), basestring(), execfile(), issubclass(), print(), super(), bin(), file(), iter(), property(), tuple(), bool(), filter()
,len(), range(), type(), bytearray(), float(), list(), raw_input(), unichr(), callable(), format(), locals(), reduce(), unicode(), chr(), frozenset(), long(), reload(), vars(), classmethod(), getattr(), map(), repr(), xrange(), cmp(), globals(), max(), reversed(), zip(), compile(), hasattr(), memoryview(), round(), __import__(), complex(), hash(), min(), set(), apply(), delattr(), help(), next(), setattr(), buffer(), dict(), hex(), object(), slice(), coerce(), dir(), id(), oct(), sorted(), intern()

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John The Ripper (JTR) is one of best password cracker ever built. At the first time, it’s design to detect the weakness of UNIX password. Now, it’s available for Unix, Linux, Windows, DOS, BeOS and Open-VMS. It supports several crypt password hash types in Unix, Kerberos AFS and windows NT/2000/XP LM hashes.

John The Ripper is a free and open source and distributed in source code file but for easy installation you can buy John The Ripper Pro.

 Before we start, you have to download JTR from http://www.openwall.com/john/g/john-1.7.9.tar.gz and put it in your selected folder.

 In this tutorial, I put JTR under /opt folder.
Type ‘sudo tar xvzf‘ following by JTR file name. The name can be different depend on which version that you have. I type: sudo tar xvzf john-1.7.9.tar.gz

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Frontlinesms is SMS gateaway server that enables users to send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network. The interface is web based so you can make it run with a laptop for small volume messages or with a server for larger volume of messages. You don’t need an internet connection to run the frontlinesms. The text message is sent via mobile phone, GSM modem or SMS aggregator. So, the users only pay based on the standard text message charges from the mobile provider.

FrontLineSMS version 2 is release in summer 2012.
I will show you how to install Frontlinesms in your computer.

Step 1. Make “frontlinesms” folder in “/opt” directory.

In linux terminal, type:
cd /opt
mkdir frontlinesms

then copy the frontlinesms installer “frontlinesms2_unix_2.1.3.sh” into this folder.

Installer program can be download from this link:

Before you start, make sure that you have Java installed in your system because frontlinesms is built using Java SDK.
In linux terminal, type: “java -version” to check.

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I like to watch my movie collections more than one time. Or sometimes I like to watch certain scenes in few movies. The problem is sometimes my DVD disc is scratched and I have to buy it again. So, I decide to convert all my DVD to ISO file, so I can watch anytime, any selection scenes, easier and without worry have the same problem again. If my DVD disc is broken and I want to play it using my DVD player, I still can burn it.

Yes, you may say the file size will be too big, 3.3GB to 4.4GB per movie, meanwhile you can convert it and get smaller file size. But, you will get lower quality graphic, you can’t choose the language and you can’t burn it again.

It will consume a lot of hard disc space but with 1 TB or 2TB hard disc capacity available at the market, you can back up any movie that you want.

I choose ‘Brasero‘ because it’s very easy to use.

Open your ‘Brasero’ application. If you don’t have it you can install it using ‘$sudo apt-get install brasero‘ in your Linux terminal with Internet connection.

Enter your DVD disc, wait until it occur on your desktop then click ‘Disc copy’ button.
Then select to ‘write to image file‘.

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