I like to watch my movie collections more than one time. Or sometimes I like to watch certain scenes in few movies. The problem is sometimes my DVD disc is scratched and I have to buy it again. So, I decide to convert all my DVD to ISO file, so I can watch anytime, any selection scenes, easier and without worry have the same problem again. If my DVD disc is broken and I want to play it using my DVD player, I still can burn it.

Yes, you may say the file size will be too big, 3.3GB to 4.4GB per movie, meanwhile you can convert it and get smaller file size. But, you will get lower quality graphic, you can’t choose the language and you can’t burn it again.

It will consume a lot of hard disc space but with 1 TB or 2TB hard disc capacity available at the market, you can back up any movie that you want.

I choose ‘Brasero‘ because it’s very easy to use.

Open your ‘Brasero’ application. If you don’t have it you can install it using ‘$sudo apt-get install brasero‘ in your Linux terminal with Internet connection.

Enter your DVD disc, wait until it occur on your desktop then click ‘Disc copy’ button.
Then select to ‘write to image file‘.

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Do you want to play the old DOS games or applications? I do and I believe that there are still lots of ex DOS users want to run their old applications.

It was my first opereting system and I think I used it at about 25 years ago if I’m not mistaken. I like to remember what I did before especially if I have good memories with it. Playing Digger, Test drive or Lemmings, typing with wordstar, database with Dbase III+, spreadsheet with Lotus 123 or Impress and some utility tools like PCTools or Locksmith. Put in the big floppy disc for booting and replaced it with another floppy disc with the program. Hard disc was very rare on that time. But, I tell you, you were very lucky if you have a PC on that time.

Well, that’s all the folk. Now, there is a emulator named DOSbox that can do that. For more details about the DOSbox emulator you can read it in wikipedia.org

The installation is very easy.

Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Open your linux terminal and type: sudo apt-get install dosbox.

Installation will start automatically.

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If you always or like to work with linux terminal, I really recommend you to use Terminator. Your linux terminals will be more flexible. You can add, resize or create terminals in new window in seconds with few combination keys.

Installing terminator is very easy. Just open your linux terminal, make sure you are connected to the internet and type: sudo apt-get install terminator.

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Input is the entering data into the program and variable is temporary place for storing the data. There are 2 data that you can enter, string and number.

See the sample variables below:


b=”I’m python

a is number and b is string.


See the sample input below:

my_string=raw_input(“What is your name?”)

my_number=input(“Enter your number?”)

raw_input() function will give a string and input() function will give a number.


Now, let’s try directly in the idle.

Open Idle editor.

Select File > New Window.


In the new window, type the codes below:

print “Welcome to Python”

print “—————–“

print “”

s=raw_input(“Please, enter your name? “)

print “Hi..”,s,” Nice to meet you”

n=input(“Please, enter your favorite number? “)

print “Your favorite number + 3 =”,n+3

In the ‘New window’, select ‘Run > Run Module‘.

If there is no error, you will see the result in the Idle main screen.

What is Python?

Python is a dynamic programming language that combine great power with very clear syntax. Guido Van Rossum began to work with python in late 1980 at National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer science in Netherland (CWI). Before I read the history, I though it came from name of snake. But I was wrong. Guido named it when he saw ‘Monthy Python’s Flying Circus‘ comedy TV show in BBC.

Write your own first syntax

Well, no need to explain more details about python, you can find it in the Internet. Just let’s start.
Open Linux Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) then type: python.
You will get ‘>>>>’ prompt. It’s mean that python is ready to get any commands.

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What is Airodump-ng and Aireplay-ng?

If you are familiar in wireless hacking then I believe that these both tools are your best friends.

For the one who are still new in hacking, Airodump-ng is wireless packet capture, simple but very powerfull. It will capture raw 802.11 frames. Airodump-ng writes out a text file about the details of all access points and clients seen.

Aireplay-ng is a tool for injecting packet into a wireless network to generate traffic.

I will not explain how to use these tools in here, but how to install it in Ubuntu Lucidlynx.

If you are still using the previous Ubuntu version, you still can apply the same methods.

Can I install using ‘apt-get install’ command in LucidLynx terminal?
You can’t.

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I don’t know it’s a bug or not but ‘Error While expunging folder‘ error message in Evolution is very annoying. You can’t empty your Trash bin mean if you don’t solve your evolution local database will become bigger and bigger. There are few solutions you can get from the Internet.

I wrote this article for easier solution with very clear instructions.

As you can see from the below picture, at the bottom screen, this error suddenly occur when I tried to empty my Evolution trash (File > Empty Trash).

Now, I will show you how to fix this problem.
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