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Before I start, I assume that you have installed K3b in your system and it recognizes your CD/DVD writer. And if you don’t, you can read my articles about how to install K3b in here.

Step 1. Click New Project

Enter your empty write-able CD disc into your CD Writer or CD/DVD Writer. Writing Data to a CD (CD burning) is not difficult with K3b. From the main menu, just click ‘New Data CD Project‘.


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K3B is a burning tool designed for KDE but you still can run it on Gnome. The menu is simple even for a new user. You will know how to use it in a minute. There are so many things that you can do with K3b.

You can:

  • Copy CD or DVD.

  • Burn CD or DVD ISO image.

  • Rip audio CD

  • Rip Video DVD

  • Rip Video CD

  • Erase CD-RW

  • Format DVD RW

I think K3B is one of the best CD and DVD burning tools in Linux.



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