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Frontlinesms is SMS gateaway server that enables users to send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network. The interface is web based so you can make it run with a laptop for small volume messages or with a server for larger volume of messages. You don’t need an internet connection to run the frontlinesms. The text message is sent via mobile phone, GSM modem or SMS aggregator. So, the users only pay based on the standard text message charges from the mobile provider.

FrontLineSMS version 2 is release in summer 2012.
I will show you how to install Frontlinesms in your computer.

Step 1. Make “frontlinesms” folder in “/opt” directory.

In linux terminal, type:
cd /opt
mkdir frontlinesms

then copy the frontlinesms installer “frontlinesms2_unix_2.1.3.sh” into this folder.

Installer program can be download from this link:

Before you start, make sure that you have Java installed in your system because frontlinesms is built using Java SDK.
In linux terminal, type: “java -version” to check.


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