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In this tutorial, I assume that you are familiar with linux Terminal and basic command line.

Step 1.Make sure your wireless card in “Monitor mode”.

Type “iwconfig your_wireless_card”.
You can turn off the wireless card, switch to ‘Monitor Mode’ and turn it on again.

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Ping is a simple test to check if the target is exist. When your are connected with free wifi in a cafe library etc, and someone try to hack your system, usually this is one of the method that they do.

You can it using tcpdump.

If it’s not in your system yet, you can install by typing (for Ubuntu): apt-get install tcpdump in your linux terminal.

Type the command below to start the process:

sudo tcpdump -i wlan0 icmp and icmp[icmptype]=icmp-echo
-i option is for your wireless network interface. I use atheros chipset, so my one is wlan0.
When I ping from my other device, tcpdump will tell me that there is a device from an ip address try to ping me.

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